DPL Labs 4K Approved HDMI 2.0b with RGB Light-up Strip

Taipei, Taiwan – BKSTEC, a world-leading manufacturer of high-quality fiber optic cables, announces the new VIVIFY ARQUUS W73, which meets DPL Labs’ highest 4K certification standard for 4K compatibility, bandwidth of 18Gbps and deep color. The Vivify Arquus HDMI 2.0b active optical cable fiber optic is compatible with HDR 10 and HDCP 2.2, and supports 4K UHD resolution at 60Hz. Available in 9ft (2.7M) and 15ft (4.5M) length, the  VIVIFY ARQUUS W73 is a unique fiber optic cable with stunning built-in RGB lighting effects controlled via the header touch sensor. Gamers and audiovisual enthusiasts can now benefit from a lightweight and extra-long cable with the high bandwidth of fiber optic, and without being affected by EMI, corrosion or signal loss. 

“We are excited to be introducing a super high-quality fiber optics HDMI cable for 4K gaming, which gives gamers perfect signal for best quality output onto the monitor.” Sean Chen, Vivify’s™ CEO. “With the ARQUUS W73, I’m convinced we’ve achieved just that and we are now proud to offer to the gaming enthusiasts and videophile community a product that won’t be the bottleneck of their high-end configurations and stand out in style with its light-up strip and exceptional build quality.”

Feature highlight

  • DPL Labs 4K Certification 

The ARQUUS W73 went passes the DPL Labs 4K certification to ensure the support for the full 18Gbps bandwidth from the HDMI 2.0b specification, as well an EMI test to ensure the cable minimizes interference with wireless signals. This certificate ensures full compatibility for 4K/UltraHD products that may include features such as 4K@60Hz, BT.2020 and HDR.


  • Fiber Optic for speed, lightweight and longevity:

While copper cable uses an electric signal to transfer data, fiber optic relies on photons which travels much faster. The added speed benefit means the VIVIFY ARQUUS W73 supports 18Gbps while being a fraction of the weight of copper. In addition, no signal loss is observed with long fiber optic which means the user can create his dream home theater without worrying about the output quality over distance. Lastly, while corrosion might affect the longevity of copper cables, fiber remains unaffected by its environment, thus providing a long-lasting solution.

  • Built-in RGB Lighting

The VIVIFY ARQUUS W73 features a lighting strip built in that allow gamers and AV users to personalize their cables to the color of their choice, as well as a cycle through mode. All manageable via the header touch sensor, the lighting can also be changed by a phone application and the addition of an optional dongle. Cabling with lighting will change the way cables are used in different spaces. Don’t hide your cables, be proud! 

  • 4K@60Hz

While most of the live events are filmed at 60Hz and more and more in 4K resolution, having a complete configuration that supports this is imperative to prevent motion blur.  Make sure you won't miss any of the action in the next playoffs with the HDMI 2.0b certified ARQUUS W73 from VIVIFY.

  • HDR10

High-dynamic-range video ensures every moment of a video is displayed at its ideal

values for depth, detail, brightness, contrast and wider color gamuts – on a scene-by-scene or even a frame-by-frame basis. With HDR10, enjoy brighter whites and deeper blacks for an improved immersive visual experience.

This is the HDMI cable for gamers

The unidirectional VIVIFY ARQUUS W73 HDMI AOC generates a high-quality digital video signal for the connection between the HDMI source and the sink device. With its high build quality, long life expectancy, a bandwidth capable to support high-quality content, and the stunning RGB design, the ARQUUS W73 from VIVIFY might the best HDMI cable you can get. 

VIVIFY ARQUUS W73 Specifications

To get your hands on the VIVIFY ARQUUS W73: https://vivify.cc/?site=item&checked=1

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The world's first 4K fiber optics HDMI RGB gaming cable supports 4K UHD 60Hz, HDCP2.2, HFR, HDR10, is HDMI 2.0b compliant, and features 8 lighting effects. Please Note: There is an average 15,000 hours lifecycle to our LED strip. We recommend not keeping it lit for an extended period on a fixed color, as it will burn out faster.