A common issue with cables is damaging the connecting header while pulling during removal or accidentally tripping over the cable. At VIVIFY, we focus on manufacturing quality cables that can withstand these types of accidents and will have to pass an in-house designed pull test before mass production.

Cable damaged by pulling

The pull force on cables measured in Newtons (N) is equivalent to 0.102kg at the speed of 1 meter per second (kgf). For reference, the maximum pull strength of a person on a cable varies between 60N to 70N and never exceeds 100N. To account for unforeseen scenarios, VIVIFY sets its pull test at 196N, or roughly 20kgf.

Our testing methods include two tests, a straight pulling test and a side pulling test. First the cable’s header is fixed at the top end of the test machine. A 196N weight is then attached to the other end of the cable for 3 minutes. Each test is performed 5 times. The cable is then inspected for physical damages and signal quality. If any samples fail the physical inspection or signal quality test, the product design and manufacturing process will be reviewed and necessary changes will be applied. 

Visual inspection after a 3 minutes pulling test

Long distance 4K fiber optics HDMI cable. Supports 4K UHD 60Hz, ARC, HDCP 2.2 and HDR 10. Fully compliant with HDMI 2.0b and backwards compatible.