The PC edition of VIVIFY’s fiber optics HDMI RGB gaming cable, the VIVIFY ARQUUS W73ø, comes with Vnode, a new software that allows you to customize your RGB cable with more options ranging from single color to dynamic gradient effects, and everything in between. In addition, the VIVIFY ARQUUS W73ø works with Razer Chroma to synchronize the lighting effects with other Razer Chroma compatible parts and create the ultimate gaming environment.

Customize ARQUUS W73ø With Multiple Light-up Colors

Different from the ARQUUS W73 which offers 7 colors plus one color cycle mode, all controlled by a touch sensor built-in the cable’s header, the ARQUUS W73ø offers complete RGB light-up customization with its own software, VIVIFY Vnode. Choose any colors on the color palette to meet your gaming setup or your favorite game!

Mix Up Light-up Colors And Light-up Effect

From single color to dynamic gradient RGB light-up, the new software allows gamers to set up different colors on each end of the cable, and mix the color in between. Furthermore, additional effects such as “Breath” & “Flash” are also available for customization.

Advanced Cycle Mode

As a new generation of PC HDMI cable, excluding the original color cycle effect, the ARQUUS W73ø can be customized via Vnode to display 3 advanced color cycle effects and 4 mix color effects, making it easy for gamers to set up their ultimate RGB battlestation.

Razer Chroma Synchronization

The ARQUUS W73ø is a certified Razer Chroma Enabled device. In other words, the Razer Chroma software can be used to customize the cable lighting effects and synchronize it with in-game actions to bring an unprecedented gaming experience for all gamers. More information on the Razer Chroma synchronization with ARQUUS W73ø will be available soon, stay tuned.

Enjoy your RGB gaming setup and customize your VIVIFY RGB light-up 4K fiber optics gaming cable with VIVIFY Vnode or, as a Razer Chroma™ enabled device, with Razer Synapse. Please Note: There is an average 15,000 hours lifecycle to our LED strip. We recommend not keeping it lit for an extended period on a fixed color, as it will burn out faster.